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    This product is the one I have the most experience with.  When I was searching for tools to help me pass CLEP exams, this is the one that seemed to meet my needs at the time.  Since then I discovered Peterson's practice tests below.  I would have tried them because of the low cost but I didn't know about them until recently.  As far as Instacert goes they have the greatest number of practice questions of all the resources.  For example the practice test for the Accounting test has 440 questions.  The actual exam has only 100 questions.  That's an outstanding 4:1 ratio.  For every question in the Instacert database there is also the correct answer and an explanation.  The explanations are usually quite good.  Although I have found a few to be lacking.  None the less it is an outstanding product that I still use today. 
    Price wise Instacert is in the middle.  $19.95 gets you one month access to everything they have.  I usually take 3 credits per month.  so a 6 credit exam like Accounting would take me two months to study for.  If I could get it done in only one month then my cost would only be the $19.95.  Otherwise most people will spend about $40 to study for this test.  There is a 30 money back guarantee on this product.  So if I was new to this I would plan to start out with a 3 credit exam and make sure to take it within the 30days.  If I passed then I'd say it did it's job.  Since most colleges will accept at least 30 credits like this you could spend in the neighborhood of $200 for them. 
    Instacert claims you can pass any exam just by studying with their practice test.  This may be true.  I did it on one test so far.  However there is a drawback to this type of test taking.  Some educators would say when you just study in a question answer format you don't really get an education.  Their argument would be the same one against cramming.  You may pass the test but did you really learn anything?  To flesh out your experience and fill in any gaps left by the practice test I usually buy (and read) a book on the subject while taking the practice tests.
Instacert is a web online tool so if your Internet connection goes down you can't study that night.
Test Prep:  Excellent   Price:  Good+   
Educational Value:  OK
   Convenience:  Good

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